Validators.js - javascript based form validation using jQuery

Validators.js is a javascript library for form validation that I wrote for my projects. It provides a simple and elegant interface for creating different types of form validators and chaining them together. Common functions like checking email addresses, matching a regular expression, checking for unfilled required fields, password-change validation are provided out of the box. It inserts html elments like divs or spans immediately after those fields which have failed validation, these can be styled with either the “.error” css class or any custom class you would like to specify. Here is an example on using the library, it requires jQuery.

The Validators() function is the main interface to the library, the first argument is an object that contains a mapping between the selectors(css or xpath) of the form fields and their corresponding Validator objects. To use multiple selectors, separate the selectors with a comma. The second argument is a callback function which is called if form validation is success, insert any code that you may want to call before form submission or if you want to submit the form by ajax.

If you want to use the ‘submit’ input type in the form, use jQuery’s .submit() function like this:

You can also create your own validators either by extending the classes defined in the Coffeescript source or in the following ways:

  • By providing a function that performs an operation on the field value and returns a true or a false value based on the validation success.

  • By providing a regular expression to match with.

You can find the coffeescript source and documentation over here.


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